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Ph.D. - Auburn University, AL 36849 - Fisheries and Allied Aquaculture - 1992.
Dissertation Title: Improvement of Juvenile Paddlefish Production in Earthen Ponds.
M.S. -Auburn University, AL 36849 - Fisheries and Allied Aquaculture - l984.
Thesis Title: Evaluation of Daphnia as a Food for Paddlefish, Polyodon spathula, (Walbaum)
       Fry Under Intensive Culture Conditions.
B.S. -Eastern Kentucky University, Richmond, KY, Biology Department - 1982.
Major: Biology emphasis Fisheries Management Minor: Chemistry

Over 27 years of experience in Aquaculture

Professor (tenured), Division of Aquaculture, Kentucky State University, teaches Fish Morphology and Physiology (AQU 412 and 512 with lab), August 1993-present and Fish Reproduction and Spawning Techniques (AQU 427/527 with lab) Jan. 2004-present.  

Principal Investigator/Co-Investigator for Aquaculture, Aquaculture Research Center, Community Research Service Program, Kentucky State University, Frankfort, Kentucky, 1984 - present. Goal: to develop a sustainable paddlefish industry in the United States.


  • Reproductive biology (ploidy manipulation and sex inversion)of Acipenseriformes( i.e. paddlefish, Polyodon spathula and shovelnose sturgeon, Scaphirhynchus platorynchus) and black crappie Pomoxis nigromaculatus, milt cryopreservation of P. spathula, fish production (pond, reservoir ranching and reuse of wastewater treatment plants) and fish toxicology (i.e. heavy metals and organochlorine), food processing and marketing. He has developed a team of national and international scientists that collaborated in and have published on innovative research topics (over 70 manuscripts) on paddlefish as a food fish.

  • Work with Universities, Colleges and Ag.Vocational High Schools to promote aquaculture 
  • Demonstrate to farmers and local wastewater plants how to culture fish with production efficiency and profitability at the grass-root level.
  • Oversees six (6) city municipalities that permit paddlefish ranching in their water supply lakes.
  • Educate and work closely with Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife and other states on fish farming issues (i.e. passing the 2006 regulations for reservoir ranching paddlefish in water supply lakes).
  • Collaborate with DNR in New York and PA stock recruitment/enhancement of paddlefish supplying paddlefish fry
  • Work on product safety (i.e. mercury, PCB, chlordane in fish and caviar).
  • Advise Division of Water on the potential of community development using decommissioned wastewater treatment plants as potential fish culture facilities.
  • Collaborate with scientists and private companies on paddlefish in Ukraine and China.  

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