Paddlefish Alliance (PAL) is a start-up, working group seeking new members to participate in the fledgling cultured paddlefish industry.   Fingerling suppliers, producers, investors, processors, and fish markets will work together to coordinate and promote the production and marketing of farm-raised paddlefish for supplying healthy, safe products for consumers. Paddlefish research and development as directed by Dr. Steven D. Mims, Aquaculture Research Center, Kentucky State University, Frankfort since 1985 has published information on reproductive biology, production systems, processing and marketing paddlefish and its products such as smoked meat and caviar. Increased supply of farm-raised paddlefish products is now critical to its continued success and future profitability. The basic market need is a reliable, consistent supply of farm-raised paddlefish that has been well-received by consumers.

Alliance Goals: 

  • Coordinate stocking/harvesting of paddlefish for meat and caviar from ponds and lakes.
  • Develop legislation for commercial growth of the paddlefish industry.
  • Promote and assist with marketing of paddlefish products.
  • Provide services for analyzing products for consumer protection.
  • Provide record keeping service to all members (i.e Global Satellite Positioning coordinates and stocking/harvest data).
  • Promote Best Management Practices.
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